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About us - Sobre nosotros


Our program is designed so that plenty of opportunities are given for children to practice essential skills needed in the different areas of development such as cognitive, physical, motor, social, emotional, language and literacy.  Time for child initiated play indoors and outdoors  will be provided on a daily basis.  Goals will be set for each child not only based on the child's age but also taking into account each child's individual rate of development. Let's remember that children develop following the same sequence but not at the same rate.


Some other advantages of our program are:  

  • We provide a nurturing home-like environment

  • We offer structure, a healthy routine and plenty of activity choices indoors and outdoors.

  • We operate longer hours than preschools do while still teaching a preschool curriculum that is approved by MSDE.

  • Our small group size allows for personalized care thanks to our high staff to child ratio

  • We use the latest technology to provide parents with constant updates of their child's day by delivering electronic daily logs and by sharing pictures privately online.

  • Our tuition cost is lower than large child care centers in our area while the quality of our services is very comparable to them.


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